5 Things to Know About Oil Changes in Birmingham

August 6th, 2021 by

Getting Your Oil Changed In Birmingham
Birmingham Car Oil Change

Not sure what you need to do when your car needs an oil change in Birmingham? Keeping a check on the engine oil of your vehicle is crucial to keeping it in its optimal condition. It’s meant to cool and lubricate fast-moving engine parts such as bearings, cylinder walls, valves, and pistons. If the engine oil loses its lubricating properties following a serious oil leak, the situation can ruin the entire engine in a short period. Keeping your vehicle running optimally requires you to stay alert and conduct periodic oil changes, as and when required.

This guide will cover some critical things to know about getting an oil change service in Birmingham.

5 Things You Need To Know About Oil Changes In Birmingham

How Often Should You Check Your Oil? Gone are the days when you had no other way to check your engine oil other than the manual process of pulling out the dipstick, wiping it off, reinserting it into the engine, and pulling it out again to check the oil level and color. Many vehicle manufacturers have now sealed off the engine from owners and have incorporated sensors to automatically monitor oil levels and quality and alert you through the check engine light. While you can safely rely on the system, it’s best to check the oil manually every few months, if your vehicle allows. If you have an older vehicle, you’ll definitely need to do this.
How Often Should You Get Your Vehicle Oil Changed? Over time, your car’s engine oil loses its ability to clean, cool, and lubricate the engine. The average Birmingham driver normally covers between 10,000 and 15,000 miles each year. If this sounds like you, consider an oil change twice a year, perhaps in fall and spring. This is because in fall you’re coming off the demands of the summer, while in spring, you’re coming out of the tussles of the winter. If, however, you drive more than 20,000 miles a year, increase the frequency to three oil changes annually.
Should You Take Your vehicle to an Auto Shop or Would a DIY Method Suffice? Changing your engine oil is a simple task that you can certainly tackle on your own. Buy the new engine oil, a filter wrench, and an oil filter, and you’re good to go. You also need a container in which to drain the old oil into. Once you’re done changing oil, you’ll also need to appropriately dispose of the old oil.

However, I don’t see why someone would consider changing their engine oil on their own. It’s one of the most inexpensive auto service treatments out there, so you won’t be saving much. On top of that, getting rid of the used oil is more hectic than you might think. Thus, you won’t benefit much from getting your hands dirty. It’s best to get it done professionally with a certified auto mechanic in Birmingham.
What Grade of Engine Oil Works Best for Your Car? Different grades of oil are designed to run in different temperatures and conditions. You want to check the viscosity specs and ‘W’ ratings before choosing an oil grade, but the best one is that recommended by your vehicle manufacturer, so stick with it and your car will stay on track. At Voyles CDJR in Birmingham, our certified auto service technicians know exactly what kind of oil your car needs.
5. What Are Some Red Flags Related to Your Engine Oil? If you spot any black or brown stains on your driveway or garage floor, you’re dealing with an oil leak. Have your mechanic check it out at your earliest convenience. Similarly, if you notice gray smoke rising from the tailpipe, your vehicle might be burning oil. Again, the situation must be professionally dealt with right away.

Top-Rated Oil Change Service in Birmingham
Now that you have a fair idea about when to check and get your oil changed in Birmingham, whether you should rely on a professional mechanic for the job, or address the need on your own, it’s time to take action. When it comes to using an oil change service in Birmingham, find an auto shop that can take care of your vehicle quickly and efficiently. We offer fast and inexpensive oil change service with our Express Lane Serice. Voyles CDJR Birmingham specializes in all sorts of issues for all makes and models.

At Voyles CDJR Birmingham, we only rely on highly qualified technicians who are committed to providing exceptional service in a timely manner. Whether you’re seeking an oil change service or are facing a more serious problem, we’ll ensure that your car is back on the road in no time! Schedule an appointment today!